Thu 05 - Sun 08 Jan 2023 Las Vegas, United States
Exhibitors 4.4k
Attendees 182k
Press 6.6k

CES – Where Innovation does Business


Consumer Electronic Show -  CES is a trade-only event and is not open to the general public. Industry professionals are encouraged to register in advance to ensure quicker review time and processing on-site. 


  • Getting There  - Fly - Nearest airport LAS. Drive - Easy 4 1/2 hour drive from Los Angeles
  • Industries – Brands, Technology, Agencies, Studios
  • Networking Value –  50% - large conference so you MUST know where to go to connect and find new leads
  • Trade ShowFloor Tours - YES
  • Delegate Fee – start from $100 
  • Sponsorships -  CONTACT US
  • Exhibitor - CONTACT US
  • Currency – USD
  • Uber/Lyft – YES
  • Airbnb - YES
  • Language – English



EVERYONE - Brands, agencies, networks, movie stars, production companies, you name it, they will be here. Fortune 500 executives, manufacturers, retailers, corporate buyers, content producers, entertainment executives, venture capitalists, engineers, government officials, installers, advertising and marketing executives, financial analysts and the media from every corner of the globe.



IBM Chairman, President and CEO Ginni Rometty
LG Electronics President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. I.P. Park
Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg



EVERYTHING! Advertising, Technology, Home Appliances, CGI, AI, Robotics, Drones



This isn't for everyone, but we are firm believers that you must try CES once. Your clients will be there looking for the next best thing to advertise on/with. There are great networking opportunities at key events around the show. You will leave on a high feeling how remarkable humans are and how far we have come and what we are capable of. It is breathtaking, if not a little overwhelming

PLUS, there is a dedicated area to advertising. C SPACE - See how technology is influencing advertising and entertainment at the world's largest gathering of technology, brands and media.



CES general passes are FREE if you register before end of September. If you are an exhibitor you get special treatment and get to see the floor and all products ahead of the regular delegates (civilians) on the FIRST official opening of the Show. RSVP to all the parties and make an executive decision on the day as to whether to attend. It's always best to have options! The organized tours are EXPENSIVE but if you have the budget they are worth it. We are preparing our own self tour guide which we will share ahead of the conference. This will allow you to wander "efficiently" on the floor and interact with companies relevant to your business.



There are many options when it comes to Vegas, and CES, but 100% stay on The Strip or very very close to it. Networking is increased tenfold by staying close to all the action, plus transport is so much easier from one of the official Vegas Hotels. There are various additional industry focused mini conventions during CES, so do plan your accommodation accordingly. CES offers conference discounts through their website. If there are no options, Airbnb is a viable alternative, but definitely do try to stay closer to the Strip.




  • Sep 1 2022
  • Registration: Pre-Register
  • Oct 3 2022
  • Registration: Early Bird Pricing End
  • Jan 5 2023
  • Event: Start
  • Jan 8 2023
  • Event: End

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