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Comic-Con International is a multi-genre entertainment and comic convention.


[email protected] 2020 will feature over 350 separate panels spread out over all five days of the event. There will be something for everyone! Here’s how it works:

Once the daily schedules go live, you’ll be able to read the descriptions and decide what you’d like to see. The majority of our panels will also be available AFTER the July 22-26 dates, although there are some that may have a limited time period attached to them. Each panel will contain a link; when you click on that link, you’ll launch another page that has the panel video embedded on it … that video will be available on the date and time listed. When it’s available, simply push play and watch! It’s that simple.

All the panels will also be available on the Comic-Con YouTube channel, so you can also access them there. Subscribe to us on YouTube.com at https://www.youtube.com/user/ComicCon



If you are interested in attending Comic-Con 2020, you will need to purchase a badge during one of our two badge sales:Returning Registration or Open Registration. We encourage you to sign up for a Comic-Con Member ID well in advance of any registration event. The Comic-Con Member ID system will close – without notification – prior to any badge sale.

For information on how to purchase a badge, please find your category below - Returning Attendee, First Time Attendee, or Child Attendee - and follow the instructions provided. We encourage you to stay on top of all badge sale and registration announcements by following us on FacebookTwitter, and Toucan - the official blog of Comic-Con and WonderCon Anaheim.

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Pricing 2020 TBC

Badges for attendees are sold during two events: Returning Registration and Open Registration. To receive information on either event, you must have a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID. Click here to sign up for a Member ID today!

We strongly encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Toucan - The official blog of Comic-Con and WonderCon Anaheim - for badge sale date and time announcements.

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