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Comic-Con International is a multi-genre entertainment and comic convention.





If you are interested in attending Comic-Con 2021, you will need to purchase a badge during one of our two badge sales:Returning Registration or Open Registration. We encourage you to sign up for a Comic-Con Member ID well in advance of any registration event. The Comic-Con Member ID system will close – without notification – prior to any badge sale.

For information on how to purchase a badge, please find your category below - Returning Attendee, First Time Attendee, or Child Attendee - and follow the instructions provided. We encourage you to stay on top of all badge sale and registration announcements by following us on FacebookTwitter, and Toucan - the official blog of Comic-Con and WonderCon Anaheim.

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  • Jul 23 2021
  • Event: Start
  • Jul 25 2021
  • Event: End

Pricing 2021 TBC

Badges for attendees are sold during two events: Returning Registration and Open Registration. To receive information on either event, you must have a valid and confirmed Comic-Con Member ID. Click here to sign up for a Member ID today!

We strongly encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Toucan - The official blog of Comic-Con and WonderCon Anaheim - for badge sale date and time announcements.

If you are a professional, click here for information on Comic-Con professional registration.

If you are a member of the press, click here for information on Comic-Con press registration.

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