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The Sundance Film Festival is an annual film festival organized by the Sundance Institute. It takes place each January in Park City, Utah, Salt Lake City, and at the Sundance Resort, and is the largest independent film festival in the United States


An excuse to ski on beautiful powder in Utah and rub shoulders with the rich and famous, watch amazing soon to be released (hopefully) movies all whilst working and meeting your next client/s… Yes please! This is a fantastic Film Festival with a US focus but also an international element. In the past few years, Brands have certainly taken advantage of the caliber people attending the first weekend. There are numerous brand activations all over Park City, specifically Main Street. There is no set networking area, so attending screenings, parties and events is a must. There are many pop up events with great panelists. Sign up to the official Sundance pages and follow your favorite brands to be kept in the loop (OR subscribe to our newsletter and will keep you abreast of everything). Even if you don't intend on going skiing, wrap up warm and bring your moon boots.


  • Getting There  - Fly to Salt Lake City (SLC) and drive to Park City via rental car or shared ride
  • Industries – Filmmakers, Brands, CMOs, Distributors, Production Companies, OTT, Studios
  • Networking Value –  75% (you must RSVP to parties and screenings ahead of time)
  • Trade ShowFloor Tours - N/A
  • Delegate Fee – start from TBC
  • Sponsorships -  start from  TBC
  • Exhibitor - starts from TBC
  • Currency – USD
  • Uber/Lyft – YES
  • Airbnb - YES. There is no official hotel. The event is spreadout
  • Language – English



Filmmakers, Studios, Distributors, Production Companies, Brands, Agencies, Wanna-Bes



Directors, Producers, CEOs, CMOs, Movie stars



Film, Environmental Issues, VR, AR, AI, Entertainment, Branding



Showcase your latest work to studios, distributors. Get inspired for future projects. Meet fellow creatives and brainstorm next project in the market place



Parties, parties parties. RSVP to as many parties as possible. Everything else will fall into place. Our suggestion is to sign up for screenings and arrive well ahead of the start time. Sometimes the wait can be VERY long to get into the theatres and it is COLD outside!



There is no official SunDance Hotel. It is best to stay on or near Main Street. Check out the Festivals official accomodation page for recommendations. There is a great public transport system available if you are staying out of town. 




Pricing for 2021 TBC

There are SO MANY options for Sundance 2020. It's best to check out the official Sundance Page for all up to date information. If you need any assistance navigating the Festival Ticket page OR you would like to discuss how best to attend Sundance 2020 and what branded content events to RSVP to, please email us at Conference Concierge and we will do our best to prepare a schedule based on your objectives for this event.

Price List for ALL Tickets

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