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Who We Are

Conference Concierge was founded by marketing and consulting veteran Emmelie Forsyth in 2018. Emmelie has been working in the advertising and broadcast industry for over a decade. She has extensive knowledge in the USA and Latin American markets and is now expanding to cover further global markets in Europe, Asia and the UK.

In 2016 Emmelie saw an opportunity to leave the standard corporate business paradigm and established her own consultancy, helping companies navigate the nuances of setting up business in Latin America. To date, Emmelie and her Team, have worked with studios, public relations and creative agencies, content distributors and production companies in multiple capacities, helping each entity expand their footprints in the USA and proliferate into customized business growth in the LatAm market.

A pain point that was apparent in all of these engagements was organizing schedules at key industry events. This often seemed to be a laborious admin task plus many times confirmed attendance was booked last minute. This resulted in missing Early Bird Deadlines, not being clear on which panels or workshops to attend, and not having a clear networking strategy. Others were left organizing last minute dinners or cocktail events when their efforts should have been focused on the bigger picture.

Emmelie saw an opportunity in aggregating all conference data onto one platform to serve as an online "one stop shop" – The Ultimate Conference Directory. The platform engages users from all areas of the industry – Conference Organizers, Brands, Studios, Industry Associations, Freelancers, Agencies and many more. The aim of the service is to ensure that members have all the tools available to them to better plan their annual conference attendance, and to also help optimize their conference experience at every confirmed event.




What We Do

The Ultimate Conference Directory

  • Our online platform lets you find all events in your industry using our super intuitive search engine
  • Our human team creates a personalized diary of events, confirms level of participation and organizes meetings at each conference, based on your business objectives and budget.

“Think of Conference Concierge as your Ultimate Conference Directory. The online web-based, mobile friendly platform highlights all upcoming industry events focused primarily on advertising, broadcast media and production.”


  • Find all events in your industry
  • Create customized event schedule
  • Organise meetings on the ground
  • Determine level of participation - delegate, sponsor, exhibitor 
  • Secure speaking spots 


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Conference Concierge - The Ultimate Conference Directory

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